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Publishing Careers

Book Publishing Basics: Trade, Small Press, and University Presses

Video and takeaway resources

Submitting to Literary Magazines

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Video and takeaway resources.

Finding an Agent and Audience

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The Artist’s Statement

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Ball State Library Guide for Creative Writers

An amazing compendium of resources!

Ball State English Alumni with Writing Careers


Have published books or films or working toward that goal

Jeremy Bauer, Poet, Design Tech

Audrey Brown, Writer/Producer

Lauren Cross, Writer, Lecturer at Ball State

Jay Coles, YA novelist

Erik Deckers, owner of Pro Blog Services

Ashley C. Ford, Writer, just published Somebody’s Daughter, NYTimes bestseller

Diane Pharaoh Francis, Novelist, Professor

Sarah Hollowell, Novelist and Internal Copywriter for CopyPress

J.R. Jamison, Author and Executive Director of Campus Compact

Brittany Means, Editor, CopyPress, publishing memoir soon

Robbie Maakestad, Writer, Editor, College Professor

Alysia Sawchyn, Writer, Editor, Lecturer at U. of Maryland

Elysia Smith, Marketing, Poet, Bookstore Owner



Daniel Brount, Designer at Penguin Random House, New York

Brandon Buechley, Associate Editor at DK Books, Indianapolis

Natali Cavanagh, Marketing Coordinator at Random House Children’s Books, New York

J.R. Jamison, Author, Executive Director of Campus Compact

Hannah Partridge, Publishing Internship at Wiley, Indianapolis

Madisen Ray Petrosky, on Denver Publishing Institute

Daniel Pyle, Online Publishing Manager, Indiana University Press

Bri Rooke, Editing, Chicago

Sarah Roth, Publications Manager, Michigan Judicial Institute

Gretchen Stelter, Editorial Director

Niki Wilkes, Marketing Coordinator at Ava Maria Press

Lots of English majors say they’re interested in a career in publishing, thinking only of book publishing, but don’t forget: books aren’t the only place where you can find words. There’s also this thing called “the internet.”  

Media and Marketing

Luke Bell, Copywriter

JB Bilbrey, Content Specialist, Ball State University

Macy Jo Byerly, Digital Marketing

Cooper Cox, Advancement Communications, Earlham College

Melissa Glidden, Freelance Writer

Ellen Good, Communications Specialist, College of Sciences and Humanities

Adam Gulla, Writer and Marketing Executive

Morgan Smith Heldman, Content Specialist

Rebecca Haynes, Marketing & Communication Specialist

Abby Hoops, Techwriter

Melissa Jones, Copywriter

Lauren Lutz, Marketing

Anthony Miglieri, Copywriter, First Station Media

Kiley Neal, Marketing

Hannah Partridge, SEO Specialist at Dealer Inspire

Marisa Sloan, SEO Specialist

Chase Stanley, Content Specialist, Central Restaurant Products

Allison Tourville, Digital Media Strategist

Emily Turner, Internal Copywriter, CopyPress

Eileen Porzuchek, Content Writer

Sarah Hollowell, Author and Internal Copywriter for CopyPress

Madisen Ray Petrosky, Senior Account Manager, Dittoe Public Relations

Melissa Jones, Copywriter, Intersection