This event took place on Wednesday, Jan. 12th, 2022

Few writers get paid just to write. So how do the rest of us get writing done in the midst of a busy life? Come learn new strategies and share your own methods as well!

Takeaway Resources

Link to pdf of presentation slides 

March 2-April 27, “Cardinal Directions” begins!  

  • more about finding a meaningful job 
  • open to all, but especially those majoring in a liberal arts discipline 

Paper Planners 

Passion Planner free pdfs 

Daily Rhythm  


Bullet Journals 

Introduction video/guide created by Ryder Carroll, who created the system 

#bulletjournal on Twitter 

#bulletjournal on Instagram 


Project Management Tips

Eisenhower Matrix 

Pomodoro Technique 

Kanban project management system

  • short video by Dr. Jennifer Grouling Snider! 
  • If you know you want a digital project management system, not a paper one, check this out.

Ten Ways of Thinking that Lead to Procrastination