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You’ve heard the saying that getting a job is about “who you know.” Well, lucky for you, it’s never been easier to know people, thanks to sites like LinkedIn and Ball State’s alumni networking platform, Cardinals Connect. We’ll talk about what goes into a good LinkedIn profile and how to approach alumni for mentoring opportunities. Approximately 300 Ball State humanities alumni have signed up already for Cardinals Connect and indicated they want to help current students.  


Takeaway Resources 

College Student LinkedIn Checklist 

How to Join Cardinals Connect and the Compass Group 

Ball State Career Guide 

Compass Checklists 


Find Your Mentors 

Mentors are people who:  

  • take an interest in developing another person’s career and well-being;  
  • have an interpersonal as well as a professional relationship with those whom they mentor 
  • advance the person’s academic and professional goals in directions most desired by the individual 
  • tailor mentoring styles and content to the individual, including adjustments due to differences in culture, ethnicity, gender and so on. 

Note: You won’t find all you need from a single person. 


Where do we find mentors? 

If we don’t go to college 


School classmates 




Social Contacts 


If we do go to college, add: 


College classmates 

Campus employers 

Internship/Immersive Learning supervisors 

Career counselors, academic advisors, resident assistants, etc. 


Guest speakers, writers, lecturers 



Make a list of the people you consider actual mentors 

Make a list of the people you consider potential mentors 

Consider Passive vs. Active mentoring 

Can you do more informational interviews? 

Meet with professors to talk about your goals?  

Who will speak on your behalf on LinkedIn? For jobs? For grad school? 

How will you know when someone at your first job is trying to mentor you?  

If you’re not assigned a mentor, how will you find one?  


Building Authentic Relationships 

Stephen J. Aguilar, Networking and Mentoring” 

Bedelia Nicola Richards, “How to Network Effectively Even if You’d Rather Avoid It 

Five Practices to Build Authentic Relationships 


The Milestone Approach to Building Authentic Relationships 

The saying goes, “Getting a job is a full-time job.” 

Breaking down a big goal into tasks, scheduling them into your week/month/semester 

Passion Planner—gamechanger goals and mind maps  

Four types of work in this class: 

  1. Reflecting and Drafting (activity) 
  1. Community Building (activity) 
  1. Book Review (project) 
  1. Informational Interview (project) 

How can you continue reflecting? drafting? building an online community?  

What’s your next new Milestone project?  

Read: Burnette and Evans, Designing Your Life 

Note: We did many of the activities from their workbook in this class: Work View and Life View. 


Design Thinking Approach  

  1. You design your life. It is not designed for you. 
  1. Stop thinking about it and start doing it.