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Do you get anxious about advertising yourself to potential employers? Do you worry about how you can get a job when you don’t really know how to network? This session will teach you how to network and widen your professional circles, both in real life and online, with minimum terror and anxiety.  

March 23, 2022 

Cathy Day  

Twitter: @daycathy 


Eilis Wasserman 

Twitter: @eiliswasserman 



Your Career Coach: Emily Karas,


pdf of presentation (Ball State only)


Reframing Introversion 

Susan Cain, The Quiet Revolution: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking 

The Quiet Revolution, The difference between introversion and social anxiety 

Introverts make great leaders because they:

    • listen to employees, clients, customers. 
    • think deeply about goals and offer thoughtful ideas.  
    • let others shine and acknowledge their accomplishments.  

Why Should Introverts Network? 

How Should Introverts Network? 




  • Be prepared to either share a link to your resume or share your screen!