This event took place on Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2022

So, you’ve finished writing your book and must send it into the world. 

  • Do you need a literary agent? 
  • And is it really your job to write the book AND find its audience? 

The answers to these questions depend on the kind of book you’ve written and your particular goals.  

Helping you to think through these issues will be Prof. Cathy Day and her special guests, Ball State grad Sarah Hollowell and Ball State faculty member Prof. Angela Jackson-Brown, who have each just published novels.

Takeaway Resources

Feb. 16, 2022 

Speakers: Angela Jackson-Brown, Sarah Hollowell 

Link to PDF of presentation slides  


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Finding an Audience 

Jane Friedman, “A Definition of Author Platform” 

Michelle Melton Cox, “What You Can Learn about Platform from a 12-Year Old” 

Jane Friedman, How to Build an Author Website: Getting Started Guide” 

NY Book Editors, “Author Platform: How to Build It” 

Literary Citizenship 

Carolyn See’s concept of “Charming Notes” from Making a Literary Life 

Definitely check out Austin Kleon’s book, Show Your Work 


Finding an Agent

Query Tracker 

Publisher’s Marketplace 

Poets & Writers 

Writer’s Diges

Manuscript Wish List 

Agent Query 

Query tips from literary agent Eric Smith 


The Query Letter

Cathy Day, A Real Pitch and Query Story 

Inside Publishing Glossary 

Cathy Day, Jacket Copy Formula 

The Pitch, The Query, and the Synopsis 

Examples of Successful Query Letters