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  • Step 6: The Informational Interview

    Watch the Presentation (Ball State Access Only) A great way to learn whether a particular career might be a good fit for you is to talk to someone in that field via an informational interview or a job shadow. But it can be intimidating to approach people and ask them for this kind of help. […]

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  • Step 4: New (and Old) Rules for Resumés

    Watch the Presentation (Ball State Access Only) As technology changes, so do the rules for what makes a good resume. Many employers today use software programs called ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) to review submitted resumes—and studies show that up to 75% of resumes are unreadable to the ATS programs and simply rejected. We’ll talk about […]

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    Step 3: Networking for Introverts

    Watch the presentation Ball State Access Only Takeaway Resources Do you get anxious about advertising yourself to potential employers? Do you worry about how you can get a job when you don’t really know how to network? This session will teach you how to network and widen your professional circles, both in real life and […]

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    Step 2: Self-Assessment and Step 3: Strategic Research

    Watch the presentation (Ball State access only) Question: How do you search for a job if you don’t know it exists? Answer: Do some self-assessment, and then some strategic research. Takeaway Resources March 16, 2022  Cathy Day, Director of the Humanities Compass Advantage,  Emily Karas, Career Coach for Humanities and Social Sciences majors,   […]

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    Step 1: Personal Branding

    Watch the presentation (Ball State access only) As a job candidate, it’s important to know how to differentiate yourself from the crowd. What makes you distinctive, and how do you convey that distinctiveness online, on paper, and in person? In this session, you’ll complete a few different writing activities aimed at helping you to find […]

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