The Path to a Protest

9/22 “The best laid plans…” –  Editorial states that the local committee’s objectives were too vague and not enough planning had been done.


9/26 “Senate says no on moratorium” – senate failed to pass resolution supporting VMC.


10/1 “Moratorium to go before Senate again” – no quorum during first hearing. Article indicates that we are much more organized at this point with many more activities planned.


10/1 “Plan protest” – Three students plan to “protest the protest” by wearing military uniforms on 10/15.


10/2 “Veterans Add Support” – Four students formed the Veterans for Peace in Vietnam Club and support the Moratorium.


10/3 “Univets” – states that UNIVETS is not associated with Veterans for Peace but is just a social club


10/3 “Student Senate defeats Moratorium resolution” Resolution failed to pass after lengthy debate.


10/3 “Responsibility plus” – Commends Student Senate for failing to pass VMC proposal.


10/3 “Learning from failures” – Argues that we accept that protesting does not work.


10/6 “Moratorium explained” – Mary Timm states that we don’t think that the fact that 36,000 men have died justifies expending more human life.


10/6 “Oct. 15—no protest” – Response to proposed “protest against protest.”


10/7 “Chorus requested” – Suggests that “sandbox politicians” sing “We Represent the Lollipop Kids” at end of each session.


10/7 “Vets inform” – Counter-protesters clarify that they are protesting the reading of the names of the dead.


10/8 “Final suggestion” – Counter-protesters decide on not wearing uniforms but handing out leaflets stating that names should not be read.


10/9 “Freshman upset” – VMC member defends reading of names as respecting the men who died and points out educational aspects of programs on October 15th.


10/10 “Clarity desired” – Response to Mary Timm about defeat of resolution.


10/11 Daily News editor hopes that VMC will not get support.


10/11 “Questions right” Expresses concern at reading of names of dead soldiers.


10/14 “Moratorium won’t halt classes”


10/14 “Moratorium misrepresentation” VMC member clarifies the goals and plans of the VMC.


10/14 “‘Death’ is mass theme” – Article details the Newman Center’s “Peace Week” and special mass.


10/15 “Observances planned for moratorium” – outline of day’s activities.  It sounds like a very full, well-organized day.