• Getting Started with EdPuzzle

    EdPuzzle is another app that can be found on the iPad that is great for teachers! If you are familiar with Canvas, it is similar to that. You can create a variety of classes and have your students join. Within each class, there are a range of features that can be used. Some of those […]

  • Getting Started with Apple Classroom

    Apple Classroom is just one of many apps found on the iPad that is great for teachers! You can create your classroom and invite students to join on their iPads. Once your students have joined your classroom, you can easily ily monitor their iPad use. It can be challenging to make sure that every student […]

  • Getting Started with the iPad

    The iPad has many features that a user can explore. But before any exploring can occur, theuser must first make sure they are connected to Wi-Fi, which is done in the settings app.After that, using the iPad has endless possibilities! These iPads contain apps that havealready been pre-sorted into categories. These categories inform the user […]