Teacher educator professional learning opportunities will be offered throughout the AY 2023-24. Currently, the trainings will be focused on iPads, SMART boards, Apple TVs, and specific apps – such as edPuzzle. Dates have not been chosen – rather, there will be a focus on each theme over the course of the month listed. If you need resources or support before or after the month, please reach out to Kate Shively and she will assist you any time during the year. Instructors can also schedule time with Kate Shively individually.

  • Learning how to use SMART boards and Apple TVs (small device, not an actual TV) 😉
  • iPad orientations for instructors and students
  • edPuzzle & Instructional Videos – We have a subscription to edPuzzle, learn how to use it to its full potential
  • Using surveys, polls, and responsive methods to engage students
  • Analzying how we are using iPads, SMART boards, and Apple TVs
  • Collecting ideas for technology needs for the upcoming year
  • Choose your own areas of study, with support
  • Invite iTDS to assist in coaching, co-teaching, or support the entire academic year (not just in March)
  • Collecting feedback and discuss ideas for improvement for AY 2024-25
  • Apps


    Teachers College is in the process of securing applications that are often utilized in K-12 classrooms across the nation. The iPads we lend to students and faculty have apps already installed on them (via the FREE version), but we are trying to subscribe to several that have been requested. The following list has been requested…

  • SMART Boards

    SMART Boards

    Introduction to Using New SMART Boards Welcome to the exciting world of interactive learning and collaboration with SMART Boards! SMART Boards are interactive whiteboards that allow you to engage with digital content in an interactive and dynamic way. Whether you’re an educator in higher education or K-12, SMART Boards can transform the way you teach,…

  • Intentional Video & Audio Making

    Intentional Video & Audio Making

    Sometimes it can be nerve wrecking to find ideas to make video or audio activities for elementary age children. This bingo-like board can assist in finding materials to include in a read-aloud for young children. Students create a video or audio recording of a read aloud, using materials found in BSU’s library education resources. Their…