• SMART Boards

    SMART Boards

    Introduction to Using New SMART Boards Welcome to the exciting world of interactive learning and collaboration with SMART Boards! SMART Boards are interactive whiteboards that allow you to engage with digital content in an interactive and dynamic way. Whether you’re an educator in higher education or K-12, SMART Boards can transform the way you teach,…

  • Get Started with the Laser Printer

    Get Started with the Laser Printer

    00:00:11 Introduction 00:00:15 Lightburn Software 00:01:22 Design something to print 00:02:56 Framing the design 00:03:51 Burn, engrave, or cut? 00:04:25 Example 00:04:42 Go home & inspect 00:04:58 Credits

  • Get Started with Edpuzzle

    Get Started with Edpuzzle

    For those who would rather read and refer back to text, please refer to this PAGE for excellent resources to get you started with Edpuzzle. Interested in professional development that is self-paced and guides you through via videos and modules? Check out the company’s professional development.