• Smartboard + Lumio

    Welcome to Lumio! This subscription through Smart Technologies allows the user to create lesson plans, activities, and to save creations made on the Smartboard. Users are able to find pre-create templates, lessons, videos, or they can create their own. Embed Youtube videos, create tasks with manipulative, or play an interactive read aloud. Enjoy all of […]

  • Smartboard+Bloxels

    Do your students love hands on activities? Do you have students into video games? Wanting to incorporate beginning coding into your classroom? Then look no further! Bloxels is what you have been looking for! Students are able to create characters, settings, items, and place them into their own interactive video game. By pairing with the […]

  • Using the Notebook App with the iPad

    The SMART Notebook app for iPad allows students to access a SMART Notebook lesson on their iPads. Students can independently work on the same SMART Notebook file on their iPads, working together in a classroom using a SMART Board interactive whiteboard or interactive flat panel. Students can access files from either an email or a […]

  • Getting Started with the Laser Printer

    Laser-cutting technology has advanced to a point where even materials once deemed “difficult” can now be efficiently cut. Today, laser cutters with modest power, up to a few hundred watts, are commonly found in home workshops. The largest machines can cut steel up to 100 mm thick at impressive speeds. With proper methods, even challenging […]

  • Getting Started with EdPuzzle

    EdPuzzle is another app that can be found on the iPad that is great for teachers! If you are familiar with Canvas, it is similar to that. You can create a variety of classes and have your students join. Within each class, there are a range of features that can be used. Some of those […]

  • Getting Started with Apple Classroom

    Apple Classroom is just one of many apps found on the iPad that is great for teachers! You can create your classroom and invite students to join on their iPads. Once your students have joined your classroom, you can easily ily monitor their iPad use. It can be challenging to make sure that every student […]