Our Team

  • ACDC Organizers

    • Dane Minnick

      Executive Director

    • Jean Marie Place

      Director of Community Research & Administration

    • Caity Placek

      Director of Community Consultation

    • Jonel Thaller

      Director of Community Engagement

  • Key Contributors

    • Jeff Hansard

      Chief Probation Officer

    • Kim Hobson

      PEER Coordinator

    • Neil Kring

      Harm-Reduction Team Leader

    • Dawnya Mercado

      Community Activist

    • Jodi Miller

      Deputy Director Indiana Addictions Coalition

    • Tami Rankin

      Community Activist

    • Sara Renee

      Harm-Reduction Team Leader

    • Bill Rogers

      Professor of Biology (Emeritus)

    • Paula Tyler

      Crisis Taskforce Lead

    • Shelby Weathersby

      Graduate Affiliate

    • Lynn Witty

      Medical Director BSU Healthy Lifestyles Center

  • ACDC Interns

    • Danica Fultz

      ACDC Intern