Additional Resources

Click here for video resources and other handouts relating to Academic Anxiety management.

Many organizations on Ball State’s campus and in the community offer resources, skills training, or mental health services related to helping learners to manage the demands of academic study. Here are links to additional resources for those who would like more information:

Additional Community Resources

Here are some Non-Ball-State-University-Affiliated programs available online or in the Muncie community:

  • BodyFlow at Muncie YMCA – The Muncie YMCA offers a BODYFLOW course that is available at all three locations, multiple times a week. This course combines yoga, Pilates, and general stretching and can be a part of a mindfulness practice or general relaxation.
  • Rice University, Foundations of Mindfulness – Rice University offers online mindfulness courses open to anyone. They are 4-week-long courses with about 3-4 hours of content per week; there is a charge for this experience ($49). 

Important note: The AARC is not qualified to give advice pertaining to clinical-level anxiety, such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder or any other diagnosed anxiety disorder. If your feelings of worry are constant, severe, interfere with your daily functioning, and/or have many different academic and non-academic causes, please seek help from a licensed counseling professional.