The Academic Anxiety Scale is a recent measure of academic anxiety, developed and psychometrically validated in 2019. Reliability and validity evidence indicates that this scale is effective at evaluating university students’ perceived stressors that contribute to academic anxiety. More details regarding the psychometric properties of the Academic Anxiety Scale can be found here.

Much like its older counterpart, the CTAS-2 (which can be found at this link), the Academic Anxiety Scale is free and available for research use. The scale may be reproduced, offered online, and shared in any professional fashion with permission of the Author (Jerrell Cassady)-which is provided here for all in the field. The only condition for this granted use is that all publications and presentations of the scale provide appropriate citation. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jerrell Cassady at

A downloadable and printable version of the Academic Anxiety Scale is attached for your convenience. Similar to the CTAS-2, all items in this scale are scored on a 4-point Likert-type response, with the overall score for the Academic Anxiety Scale representing the summed total of the response values (“Not at all typical of me” = 1, “Very typical of me” = 4).