Spring 2022 Solar Decathlon Design Challenge

Attached Housing: Project Xero

Project Summary

The Project Xero attached housing proposal suggests that we rethink the idea of attached housing as we see it in the architecture of today by speaking to a community centric planning strategy that offers density, efficiency, and diversity of space. Working with Englewood Community Development Corporation helped Studio Xero understand the current gentrification problem enveloping the near east side community of Englewood, IN, and set forth the Livability, Opportunity, Vitality, and Education community goals for which the Project Xero proposal utilizes to help give back to the rapidly growing area.

Design Strategy

Designing an attached housing complex that speaks to the lower income families within Englewood where the median family income falls around 23k, has required the use of highly efficient and highly integrated passive and active building systems to minimize operational costs, strong consideration of user programming, and careful weighing of decisions on construction materials based on best practices in sustainability. For passive systems Studio Xero has taken advantage of air pressure and aperture placement to help facilitate stack ventilation, while high efficiency, air-to-air electric heat pumps powered by rooftop solar arrays carry the active system load. These systems help achieve the

livability community goal by ensuring maximum year-round comfort at low cost. The concept behind user programming touches on other community goals by including both indoor and outdoor community spaces for social opportunity and further enhanced livability, and a 24/7 workspace to fuel educational success. Finally, vitality was achieved through the use of durable, eco-friendly material choices which include reclaimed wood, recycled rigid insulation, fly ash concrete, and recycled aluminum for rain screen and

Project Data

  • Location: Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Climate Zone: 6A o Lot Size: 30,000 ft2
  • Building Size: 14,600 ft2, 3 story max o Occupancy: R-1 = 48, MU-1 = 70
  • Construction Cost: $200/ft2
  • Energy Performance: 40 HERS rating
  • Average Utility Cost: $60/month

Project Documentation

22_Attatched Housing Narrative_2022