Our Client

Englewood Community Development Corporation

Englewood Community Development Corporation (CDC) has created a wonderful opportunity for low-income families in the neighborhood already through its development of the Great Places 2020 agenda and the Englewood homes agenda. In addition to these developments, the initiatives of the PR Mallory complex have helped to bring highly ranked K-12 schools back into the Near Eastside. Our project not only augments these existing developments of schools, housing, and commerce, but also adds innovative design goals to the current L.O.V.E idea. With livability and opportunity being key aspects of site selection, the Alley house strives to meet the asks of Englewood and the families that will inhabit our home. In addition to the L.O.V.E goals, Englewood has developed a land trust to maintain affordability in perpetuity, while adapting the rent to own model in conjuncture with the Ball State Solar Decathlon Project.