Solar Decathlon Build Team

Solar Decathlon Build Team Fall 2021

Meet our students and faculty from four departments and six disciplines within CAP that are involved in the design-build of the 2023 Solar Decathlon home. The team structure is dynamic and evolving and will involve different groups of students as needed at various times throughout the project. Student team leads will be assigned and replaced as needed throughout the design and construction process to ensure the continuation of information and the project.

The success of the 2023 Solar Decathlon home hinges on the critical relationship between the student-led team situated within CAP (with support from Ball State) and the community partner, Englewood Community Development Corporation (CDC) (with support from numerous neighborhood partners in Indianapolis). Several industry partners specific to the Solar Decathlon home project will provide technical expertise to the team.

Faculty Co-Leads: Pam Harwood, Tom Colins, Steven Grootaert


Faculty Advisor ARCH 601: Pam Harwood
Faculty Advisor ARCH 602: Steven Grootaert 

Students: Alejandra Lagunas, Emily Rheinheimer, Shraddha Shetty, Isaac Wilson, Nourhan Elboraei, Mitchell Archer, Savannah Barnhart, Noah Buening, Kendall Johnson, Matt Martella, Soumi Sarkar

Faculty Advisor ARCH 400 Fall: Tom Collins

Students: Carolyn German, Dylan Fruchey, Tanner Mote, Kayleigh Timmons, Emily Hegbli 


Faculty Advisor CAP 498_598: Tom Collins (Pam Harwood assist) 

Students: Jessica Murawski, Paige Zoran, Amber Scott, Sara Bone 


Faculty Advisor Landscape Architecture: Chris Marlowe

Students: Allison Janik, Bailey Rice, Melanie Miller, Claire Thurlow, Keller Oeth, Drayson Nespo, Morgan Getz, Eva Martin, Kaitlin Gobrogge 


Faculty Advisor Construction Management: Sherif Attallah 

Students: Autumn Larkins, Robert Graff 


Faculty Advisor Interior Design: Sarah Alfaro 

Students: Hailey Johnson, Addison Strachan, Addy Mikel, Audrey Weigel 


Graduate Assistants Build Team: Pam Harwood Supervisor 

Students: Nik Seiber, Shabnam Rajani  



Reshma Talukder, Hunter Wallace, Joey Geidel, Duncan Reed, Olumide Oguntolu, and  team lead Nik Seiber.


Additional faculty support: Build Team 

Daniel Overbey – ARCH 602 Studio Instructor 

Caitlin Cameron - ARCH 602 Community Engagement Advisor 

Megan Phillippe - ARCH 602 Regulatory Context Advisor 

Jason Wolfe – ARCH 602 Studio Instructor 

John West – Urban Planning  

Chris Reinhart – Architecture  

Walter Grondzik – PHIUS Architecture 


Englewood Partners

Joe Bowling – ECDC executive Director

Abigal Lane – ECDC Great Places Coordinator

Stephinie Metzger – CDC Property Manager

Tim Taylor – CDC Property Manger

Janathan Ehlke – Gratus Development

Jason Wolfe – Demerly Architects


Industry Partners:


Demerly Architects

Jefferson Electric


McComb Window Company