The Small Cities Conference 

James J. Connolly et al. eds, Vulnerable Communities (Cornell, 2022)

Since 2001, the Center for Middletown Studies has convened periodic multidisciplinary conferences devoted to examining the history, present challenges, and future prospects of communities that are neither metropolitan centers nor small towns. Recent conferences, jointly organized with the Center for Business and Economic Research, the Indiana Communities Institute, and the RUPRI Center for State Policy, have brought together academics and policymakers to focus on contemporary challenges facing small cities and rural communities.  The Conference has generated a range of publications, detailed below.  The most recent is Vulnerable Communities: Research, Policy, and Practice (Cornell, 2022).  The book can be ordered here.

More details on the most recent and upcoming conferences can be found here.  View a selection of past programs here.

Other Conference Publications:

James J. Connolly et al., eds., Print Culture Histories Beyond the Metropolis (Toronto, 2016)

James J. Connolly, ed.,  After the Factory: Reinventing America’s Industrial Small Cities (Lexington, 2012)

Kenneth R. Hall ed., The Growth of NonWestern Cities: Primary and Secondary Urban Networking, c. 900
1900 (Lexington, 2011)

Kenneth R. Hall ed. Secondary Cities and Urban Networking in the Indian Ocean Realm, c. 14001800 (Rowman and Littlefield, 2008)

James J. Connolly, ed., Decentering Urban History (Journal of Urban History Special Issue, 2008)

James J. Connolly, ed., Seventy-Five Years of Middletown (Indiana Magazine of History Special Issue, 2005)

E. Bryuce Geelhoed and James J. Connolly, eds., The Small City in the Midwest (Indiana Magazine of History Special Issue, 2003)