How to change filament

How to print with the MakerBots: Make a file

  • Prepare the file you would want to print out on the 3D printer by visiting different sites like,, etc for 3D templates.
  • Ensure the file is downloaded in the right format which is .STL format.
  • Please ensure you upload your 3D file template to the 3D MakerBot app on the PC to convert it to the name of the printer that would be used.
  • Copy the 3D template file into the USB drive and input the USB into the printer.
MakerBot video tutorial for the iTDS

How to print with the MakerBots: Print!

  • Ensure you have the appropriate color in the color filament (material used in 3D printing), This can be changed by requesting the intended color preference.
  • To remove the color filament, You start by selecting filament on the menu on the printer, then click ‘Unload filament’.
  • At this point you wait for the extruder to heat up to 215 degrees, when this is done you can remove the filament by lifting the filament compartment up and then simply rotating the spool until the filament is out of the tube.
  • Remove the spool and replace it with your new one (intended color preference).
  • Ensure to pass the new filament into the tube and manually roll it until the filament pops out of the other end of the tube.
  • Select “load filament” on the printer.
  • Then insert the filament into the extruder through the hole on the top.
  • Then it flows freely in your new color, Please click “ok” on the menu.
  • Then Select the file you want to print out from the USB files and print it out.

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