Environmental Education Program Kits

Local teachers can request to borrow education kits for free to use in their classrooms. Kits include all needed materials, a print out of the lesson plan for the requested grade(s), and a print-out of each activity sheet that can be used to make copies.

Teachers are responsible for picking up and returning materials by the agreed-upon dates. Damaged or missing materials must be replaced by the school. Please review and sign our Request Guidelines form for more information.

The descriptions of each kit are below. Please fill out our Kit Request form to request one or more of the below kits.

  1. Put your Ecosystem into Homeostasis board game
  2. Survive the Winter board game
  3. Mammals of Indiana furs set
    1. Can be used with the Homeostasis board game or with the “Who Lives in Indiana?” lesson plan.
  4. Puzzles – coming soon
    1. add in descriptions of puzzles here – include a short lesson plan with them?
  5. Slithering Salamanders board game – coming soon