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Eighth Grade Educational Resources (sorted by topic)

1. Who Lives in Indiana? (video 12:48): Click on the title to access the video on our Youtube channel

Watch our “Who Lives in Indiana” video on our Youtube page to learn about native Indiana animals, their habitats, food chains, and more. After watching, complete the activities below. All instructions are included in the lesson plan. Please email Erica at to request worksheet answer keys.

Click here to access videos and photos of native Indiana wildlife captured in Muncie, Indiana. These resources are used for the above activities.

Indiana State Science Standards:

  • 5-LS.2 Observe and classify common Indiana organisms as producers, consumers, decomposers, or predator and prey based on their relationships and interactions with other organisms in their ecosystem.
  • 6-LS.3 Describe specific relationships (predator/prey, consumer/producer, parasite/host) and symbiotic relationships between organisms. Construct an explanation that predicts why patterns of interactions develop between organisms in an ecosystem.
  • 8-LS.7 Recognize organisms are classified into taxonomic levels according to shared characteristics. Explain how an organism’s scientific name correlates to these shared characteristics.