Click on the links below to see the student generated products – Sci-Blogs & Short-Videos from 2023.


The motivation behind these assignments has been to create a platform where creativity and scientific rigor come together and to share scientific ideas to the the general audience.


As part of the Summer 2023 ENACT workshop, the following mini-courses were offered:

  • “Biocatalysis: Making Molecules the Sustainable Way” (JF)
  • “Nuclear Magnetic Resonance – 1D and 2D NMR” (WS & RS)
  • “Creative Thinking and Expression of Science” (MS)
  • “Find the Organic Pollutants in Your Backyard by Gas Chromatography” (EZ)
  • “Reshaping RNA 3D Macromolecules” (EK)
  • “Going Nonlinear– Chemistry at Interfaces” (MS)

The following Chemistry faculty members developed and implemented the mini-courses:

  • Jordan Froese (JF)
  • Emil Khisamutdinov (EK)
  • Robert Sammelson (RS)
  • Wei Shi (WS)
  • Mahamud Subir (MS)
  • Elsayed Zahran (EZ)