Ableton Educator’s Day

Hosted by Ball State University | Music Media Production

The Ball State University School of Music and Thomas from Ableton are hosting the Ableton Educator’s Day event on September 21st 2022. This day of workshops and presentations is aimed at K-12 music educators.

After a free lunch provided by Ableton, participants are invited to join education experts for breakout sessions that will focus on how to use Ableton and technology in the music classroom. We will feature TI:ME educator of the year Ryan VanBibber as well as Will Kuhn for the keynote presentation.

In the evening, participants are invited to join Ball State Jazz 1 for a concert featuring Ableton user and jazz artist Gerald Bailey.

Educators can earn up 5 PGPs during Ableton Educator’s Day.

Agenda for the day:

12 PM Opening Lunch – MI152 Band Room

1 PM Keynote with Will Kuhn and Ryan Van Bibber – MI152 Band Room

“Reaching the other 80%”

Will & Ryan discuss how to build a creative space for students in your school using project-based instructional techniques. We will cover how to launch, maintain and grow your own “electronic music school” into a fully formed branch of your secondary music department. Covering many possibilities for creative music projects, this session aims to inspire the next generation of music teachers to develop creativity-based music production classes in their schools.

2 PM Breakout Sessions (repeated at 3 PM) – MI223A Studio 9 & MI216 Soundhouse C

Will Kuhn: Creating a high school Electronic Music Group

What would it look like if students made all the decisions behind a performing ensemble? Learn how to use the latest technology and touring techniques to create an authentically student-led pop music group at your school. This session specifics like live sound reinforcement, how DJ sets work, equipment and lighting, and big-picture issues like group philosophy, recruiting, and finding an audience.

Ryan Van Bibber: Creating Music and Sound with Samples

In this nut-and-bolts session, participants will take a deep dive into Ableton’s powerful Simpler instrument. From sample selection to modulation to pitch and time stretching, you’ll learn how to use the world as an instrument.

4 PM Mixer – 2nd-floor Sursa Lobby

Hang with Thomas, Will, and Ryan, ask questions, get answers, and network with like-minded colleagues!

5 PM Office Hours – Sursa Hall

Gerald Bailey: Ableton Live Office Hours 

Inspire your classes with musical instruments that can be designed by your students. This completely hands on session explores the utilization of rhythmic kinetic elements in a live performance. Work through the logistics of an Ableton Live setup using Ableton Link, the push 2, homemade instruments and more onstage with Gerald Bailey. 

Ryan Van Bibber

Ryan Van Bibber teaches music and audio production at the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center in Columbus City Schools and at Columbus State Community College. He previously taught instrumental and general music in grades 3-12. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in Music Education from The Ohio State University, and a Master Certificate in Music Writing and Production from the Berklee College of Music Online.

Ryan is an Avid Certified Instructor for Pro Tools (Operator|Music) and a Berklee PULSE certified instructor. He is a member of TI:ME and AES and regularly puts on clinics and workshops in Ohio and around the US on all things music tech-related.


Will Kuhn

Will Kuhn serves as Music Department Coordinator at Lebanon High School in Lebanon, OH and is an Ableton Certified Trainer. In 2006, he designed an innovative high school music tech curriculum focused on amateur music production, which involves over 300 students annually. His lab-based courses and student projects are regularly featured at regional music education events. He was named TI:ME (Technology in Music Education) Teacher of the Year in 2015, and currently serves as the organization’s national president. His books, Electronic Music School (with Ethan Hein) and Interactive Composition (with VJ Manzo) are widely used by producers and educators. Nationally, he gives clinics and workshops on revitalizing school music programs for the 21st century.


Gerald Bailey

Gerald Bailey is a music production instructor at The Chicago High School for the Arts. He is a composer/trumpet player who currently leads several groups combining acoustic instruments, jazz and music technology. In 2017 he started a community outreach program in Chicago that focuses on using Ableton Live as a primary musical instrument. 



Link to the Ableton Live 11 Free Trial (90 days)

Check out using Ableton in the Classroom!

About Ableton

Ableton makes products for music makers to create, produce and perform music. These include Live, a software that combines traditional studio technologies with the freedom of working without a timeline; Push, a hardware instrument for hands-on playing and composing with Live; and Link, a technology that allows multiple devices to play in time together over a wireless connection.

Ableton was founded in 1999 by musicians in need of new creative tools. The first version of Live was released in 2001. The company is led by its founders from its headquarters in Berlin, and has additional offices in Los Angeles and Tokyo. About 430 people work at Ableton across the world.