The Music Media Production Studios are located on the second floor of the Music Instruction Building (MIB). The building was opened fall of 2004 and includes the 575 seat Sursa Performance Hall, Choral Rehearsal Room, Instrumental Rehearsal Room, faculty studios, practice rooms and the Music Media Production (MMP) studios.

Access to the studios is granted to students registered in classes taught in the facilities. Access is re-evaluated each semester. Problems can be relayed to Jeff Seitz. BSU ID cards are used to unlock MIB outside doors and the MMP doors. Access is 24-hours per day.

While working in the MMP facility, it is expected that all students work with professionalism. Be considerate of others – specifically, their need for a relatively undisturbed working environment in the close quarters of the MusicTech studios. Watch your language. At all times, maintain respect for the equipment you are using. More on the Studio Policy.