• Dr. Jon Clausen

    Dr. Clausen supports the iTDS and initiative with his extensive knowledge and research with instructional technology and teacher preparation. His research is presented at international conferences and peer reviewed journals.

  • Dr. Krista Stith

    As the co-director of the iTDS and initiative, Dr. Stith assists with developing community partnerships, grant writing, co-teaching, and coaching. Dr. Stith disseminates research at international conferences and publishes research about STEM education, design thinking, and 21st Century teaching and learning.

  • Dr. Kate Shively

    As the director of the iTDS and initiative, Dr. Shively manages, organizes, and facilitates the use of the state-of-the-art learning space with the aim to foster innovation, ingenuity, and creativity via the exploration of new and emerging technologies. Through workshops, seminars, co-teaching, and coaching, Dr. Shively facilitates, collaborates, and supports teacher education faculty, preservice teachers, […]

  • Dr. Susan Tancock

    Dr. Tancock has taught undergraduate and graduate literacy courses for over 25 years. In her work with the Schools Within the Context of Community program, she facilitates culturally-relevant literacy experiences for undergraduate students as they work in school, after-school, and in community-engaged activities. Susan is committed to finding ways to better prepare preservice teachers to […]