We now have access to two teleprompters (There’s a larger teleprompter that uses a tripod & the smaller version fits on your laptop). Here are the quick start-up instructions:

Please note that the specific steps may vary slightly depending on the Glide Gear model you have, so be sure to consult the user manual (online) by searching for “Glide Gear” and the model number.

Here are easy-to-follow instructions for setting up a Glide Gear teleprompter for an iPad:

Materials Needed

  • Glide Gear teleprompter
  • iPad (compatible with the teleprompter)
  • Teleprompter app (e.g., PromptSmart, Teleprompter Premium, or any other teleprompter app of your choice)
  • Tripod with an iPad mount (if not included with the teleprompter)


Assemble the Teleprompter:

  • Unbox your Glide Gear teleprompter and lay out all the components.
  • Assemble the teleprompter according to the instructions provided in the user manual. This typically involves attaching the reflective glass or beam splitter to the teleprompter frame.

Mount the Teleprompter on a Tripod:

  • If your teleprompter doesn’t come with a tripod, you’ll need to use a separate tripod with an iPad mount.
  • Attach the teleprompter securely to the tripod. Make sure it’s stable and positioned at eye level for the best reading experience.

Insert Your iPad:

  • Open the teleprompter’s iPad mounting area.
  • Carefully slide your iPad into the mount, ensuring it’s positioned securely and centered behind the reflective glass or beam splitter.
  • Make sure your iPad screen is facing down and aligned with the teleprompter glass.

Download a Teleprompter App:

  • Go to the App Store on your iPad.
  • Search for and download a teleprompter app of your choice. Popular options include “PromptSmart,” “Teleprompter Premium,” and “Teleprompter Pro.”
  • FREE “Teleprompter” app is also available.

Prepare Your Script:

  • Open the teleprompter app and import or type your script into the app.
  • Adjust the font size, speed, and other settings to your preference. You can usually find these options within the app settings.

Mirror Your iPad Screen:

  • Most teleprompter apps offer a mirroring option. Enable this option so that the text appears correctly when reflected onto the teleprompter glass.

Position Your Teleprompter:

  • Ensure the teleprompter is positioned at the appropriate distance and angle for comfortable reading while on camera.
  • Adjust the tripod’s height and tilt as needed to align the text with your eye level.

Start Teleprompting:

  • Press play or start within the teleprompter app to begin scrolling your script.
  • Read the text reflected on the teleprompter glass while looking directly into your camera lens for a natural on-camera appearance.

Adjust as Needed:

  • Make adjustments to the scroll speed or pause the script if necessary during your recording or presentation.

Recording or Presenting:

  • Start your recording or presentation while reading from the teleprompter to maintain eye contact with your audience.

Remember to practice using the teleprompter and adjust the settings to your liking to ensure a smooth and professional performance.