Teachers College is in the process of securing applications that are often utilized in K-12 classrooms across the nation. The iPads we lend to students and faculty have apps already installed on them (via the FREE version), but we are trying to subscribe to several that have been requested. The following list has been requested and are currently being vetted by our university IT experts.


  1. Epic!
  2. edPuzzle (currently have access to the premium version as we wait for approval)
  3. SeeSaw
  4. Padlet
  5. Nearpod
  6. Pear Deck


  1. Zoom
  2. Google Suite
  3. YouTube 
  4. GoReact
  5. Atlas
  6. Microsoft Suite 
  7. Canva for Teachers 
  8. Apple Suite
  9. Kahoot (FREE version)
  10. Loom (FREE version)
  11. Padlet (FREE version)
  12. SeeSaw (FREE version)
  13. Canvas (an instance is being created for our students to access as educators for their field experiences)

If at any time you are not able to access these apps, please contact Kate Shively (klshively@bsu.edu) and we will research and determine why the app(s) is/are not appearing.


Please complete surveys at various times during the year when sent out. These surveys will help us determine requests and needs based on responses. Thank you!