Sometimes it can be nerve wrecking to find ideas to make video or audio activities for elementary age children. This bingo-like board can assist in finding materials to include in a read-aloud for young children. Students create a video or audio recording of a read aloud, using materials found in BSU’s library education resources. Their task requires choosing one item from each row. Then, the students plan and produce a read-aloud with a partner. Students reported they enjoyed this exercise as well as found it helpful in thinking through the steps for planning their first activity with elementary age children. Additional resources can be added to this activity, including but not limited to, a rubric that guides students to create an effective read-aloud, a list of additional strategies to include while reading their chosen book, and examples of model read-alouds from area classrooms or online.

If you decide to use this resource, please share your outcomes in our showcase and Twitter feed! We’d love to see how students and instructors use iTDS resources. #iTDSresources #BSUELED

Technologies suggested for this activity include:

1) video camera

2) iPad camera

3) iPhone camera

4) audio recording (memos on iPhone)

5) external microphone to block background noise

6) podcasting platform to share recording

7) audio or video editing software to trim or revise recording

Scavenger hunt at the library