How an Indiana theater made a holiday favorite autism friendly

The Indiana Repertory Theatre has performed “A Christmas Carol” for almost 30 years. But this year’s final performance starts a little differently. | Read more


Top 5 blog posts about autism

Increasing awareness about autism. Individuals with autism and the people they live and interact with, such as their parents, siblings, and classmates, benefit from this Autism Awareness Month being a time for education, acceptance, and further research into the causes of and best therapies for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). | Read more


The impact of sounds on autistic children’s behaviors

How to design a classroom for children with autism. The results revealed that children in the loud classrooms showed higher numbers of repetitive behaviors and repetitive speech than did children in the quiet classrooms. | Read more


News and Events, College of Architecture and Planning, Ball State University

CAP Lab Tests Impact of Room Design on Children With Autism. Inside a quiet room on the Ball State University campus, 5-year-old Camden wrinkles up his nose and frowns at the ceiling, looking for the source of a sudden noise. | Read more