Thank you so much for your interest and support in the BSU CCI collaboration between Educational Leadership and School Counseling. This collaboration started in Spring of 2017 when faculty in each program saw this as an opportunity to intentionally collaborate across programs to enhance both preservice and inservice school counselor and school administrator training. We saw the Lilly grant as an opportunity to dream big about the ways that training could be improved to have a big impact on P-12 students.

We spoke with many stakeholders throughout our local community, across the state, and even nationally to understand more about the challenges school and their respective staff are facing in meeting the needs of a diverse P-12 student population. We spoke with alumni, current students, school counselor educators, and school principal educators to understand the strengths and areas of growth regarding training as well as areas of innovation that other programs are explore.  The insights from these stakeholders have been invaluable in shaping the final proposals that were submitted and funded.

Our work with CCI is an incredible opportunity to respond to needs of P-12 students by enhancing training for pre-service school administrators and counselors as well as practitioners. Through this grant, we aim to take a systemic approach to develop culturally responsive professionals who are prepared to support the holistic development of children and adolescents across the state of Indiana. We invite you to partner with us in these efforts as we know that together, we can make a world of difference!


Dr. Theresa Kruczek
Project Director, School Counseling                                                                                                            


Dr. Rachel Geesa
Project Director, Educational Leadership