Wood Shop

The Wood Shop, located in room AB 029, is available to all CAP students provided they have received basic training from a faculty member or other designated staff (excluding shop monitors).  The shop provides students with equipment for working with wood as well as some metals, plastics, and other materials.  The Wood Shop is managed by Judy Kreiger (office located in back of Wood Shop).

Current policies and procedures are posted on the hallway wall across from the CNC Lab (AB 032).  You can also download the Wood Shop General Policies document.  Please visit the shop for current hours of operation.  Hours are also regularly sent to students via BSU email.

Tools and Equipment

  • hand tools
  • most common woodworking machines and power tools
  • vacuum forming machines


Students typically receive wood shop training through CAP First Year classes.  Career change students and others should request training through their studio professor or inquire with Judy Kreiger.

Design Build Lab

Additional tools for working with metals are available at the Design Build Lab (DBL) across the street from CAP.  A faculty member must coordinate access to and be responsible for student use of the DBL.  A faculty member or other CAP staff member must be present at all times during use.

Tools and Equipment

  • general woodworking tools
  • welding and grinding equipment
  • metal cutting equipment
  • press brakes

The DBL additionally houses a small waterjet and small CNC mill.