Laser Cutting (self-serve)

Please visit the Laser Lab (AB 031) or Wood Shop (AB 029) for current hours of operation.  Hours are also regularly sent to students via BSU email.   The Laser Lab and Wood Shop are managed by Judy Kreiger (office located in back of Wood Shop).

Current policies and procedures are posted on the hallway wall across from the CNC Lab (AB 032).  You can also download the CAP Laser Lab Policy (Fall 2021) document.

Note that training is required prior to use.  Training must be arranged by your studio professor or other faculty.

Laser Cutting Guides

The following guides detail the laser cutting setup process:

Laser Lab Appointments

You must reserve time in the Laser Lab in order to use the laser cutters.  To reserve time open the CAP Laser Cutter calendars in Outlook and schedule a meeting with an available CAP Laser Cutter as the “room”.  See the following guides: