Vietnam Moratorium Committee

50th Anniversary

In October of 1969, a small group of students at Ball State University marched in unison to protest the Vietnam War as part of the Vietnam Moratorium Committee. Members of the original group are hosting a reunion and commemoration of the 50th anniversary.

We want to:

REUNITE with original participants

REMEMBER what we did and share our experience with current Ball State students and the Muncie community

REKINDLE the current generation’s interest in promoting peace and getting involved in issues of social justice

We are holding a reunion for people who participated in VMC events as well as special guests on Thursday night. The conference on Friday will include a keynote address by David Harris, a well-known antiwar activist, panel discussions and a memorial event honoring those who died in the war.

Watch the Livestream Archive of the Event


Charlie Heitkamp, Mary (Munchel) Posner, and Mary (Timm) Gomes at first meeting to plan 50th Anniversary in June of 2018.

VMC, reunited.