About the Lab

The focus of the Counseling Psychology Neuroscience Lab is on social, cognitive, and affective neuroscience research. Our mission is to conduct high quality applied neuroscience research that can be used to inform treatment interventions in psychotherapy, health care, and community settings.

Lab members employ Electroencaphalogram (EEG) and Event Related Potential (ERP) methodology, along with psychophysiological (e.g., heart rate, SCL), behavioral, and survey methods to study attachment-related constructs, emotion, and interpersonal relationship dynamics.

Projects from the CPSY Neuro research team include the use ERP methods to examine empathy for pain, perfectionism and error-related negativity, social comparison and disordered eating, self-affirmation and attention to threatening health information, effectiveness of mindfulness meditation induction treatment methods for stress relief and improved executive functioning, attachment and relational styles and emotion processing, as well as social constructs such as racial and sexual orientation bias.