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  • “Everyone was very courteous and professional. Excellent!” –Jackie C.

  • “It was great! We're vegan and everyone was extremely accommodating. One of the hosts even took a group portrait for us.” –Richard L.

  • “Thanks for the vegetarian options!” –Kate L.

  • “This was our first visit. Very impressed -- great food!” –Anonymous

  • “I loved the clam chowder! The duck was moist and tender, and the flavors were great. Delicious.” –Katie M.

  • “Each server was very polite and attentive.” –Linda D.

  • “The entree had a perfect touch of paprika; loved it! The soup was also glorious. Perfect taste!” –Lauren J.

  • “The meal was FANTASTIC!!!  Everything was perfect -- food, service, and mood.  I had the stuffed bell pepper and it was *better* than my Mom used to make.  She never understood spices and [Chef] Clemens and his staff got them just right; not overdone, but tasty! And, despite my high blood sugar, I had some of the chocolate mousse and I had to forcibly put my spoon down to keep from eating the whole thing.” –Chris R.

  • “Beautiful plating! Delicious, well-prepared food. Outstanding!” –Melinda S.

  • “The dessert was to die for!” –Benjamin B.

  • “Best fine dining experience I've had in a long time!” –Taylor

  • “I am extremely impressed by the conduct and talent of the students. Well done!” –Mike W.