MaryBeth Minnis–Bassoon   Lindabeth Binkley–Oboe   Nicki Roman–Saxophone   Christin Schillinger–Bassoon
Jenni Brandon–Composer   Elizabeth Crawford–Bass Clarinet/Clarinet   Jana Starling–Clarinet

LIMITLESS Collective is an artistic collective of female musicians aimed at revolutionizing the dynamic between audience, performer, and creator. By investing in the diversity and inclusiveness of our audience, we invest music as a means of empowering a viable community.

Limitless Collective Members:

Lindabeth Binkley, Oboe
Jenni Brandon, Composer
Elizabeth Crawford, Bass Clarinet/Clarinet
MaryBeth Minnis, Bassoon
Nicki Roman, Saxophone
Christin Schillinger, Bassoon
Jana Starling, Clarinet