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Student Center Ballroom

Welcome, Opening Remarks, and Refreshments

Pat Collier, Associate Dean, College of Sciences and Humanities Abel Alves, Chairperson, Department of History


First Panel Session

The Case (Studies) of the Missing Public History StoryMaps!

Wendy Soltz, Chair & Comment

Jerret Barker (Ball State): Challenges Facing Latino Public History in Boston, Massachusetts

Lauren Latham (Ball State): Historical Reconciliation with a Distant, Violent, Past: The Challenges for Accurate Historical Preservation in Centralia, Washington

Anna Osborne* (Ball State): Uncovering Queer Histories


Revisiting Middletown: Highlighting Indiana Histories

James Connolly, Chair & Comment

Braden Acton (Indianapolis): Muncie Versus Influenza: The 1918-1919 Influenza Epidemic in Muncie, Indiana

Emily McGuire and Corey Balkenbusch (Ball State): White- Light and Red-Light Districts: The Evolution of Vice in Gas- Boom Muncie

Jenna Pyle & Lydia Waters (Ball State): Mrs. M.C. Smith, Muncie Notable Women Project


Gender & Revolution in Global Histories

Emily Johnson, Chair & Comment

Haley Biggerstaff (Ball State): Seeds of Revolution Podcast: The Sexual Revolution(s) of the United States

Katy Evans (Illinois-Chicago): “No Revolution without Women’s Emancipation; No Emancipation without Revolution” A Window into the Nicaraguan Women’s Movement, 1970-1990

Cathy Kerton-Johnson (Ball State), The materiality of feminine spirituality after the ‘stripping of the altars’: transitions in female domestic piety over the English Reformation.


Keynote Address:

Dr. LaShawn Harris,

Associate Professor of History, Michigan State University “’They Chained Me to a Refrigerator Like a Dog’: Black Women, Police Violence & Resistance during the Era of Reagan.”


Introduction by Max Felker-Kantor (Ball State University)




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Terrace Lounge


Lunch Break


Second Panel Session

The Social Construction of Health Care: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Carolyn Malone, Chair & Comment

Emma Maggart (Purdue): Culture Cryptologists; Veterinarians’ role in reforming public health from 1967 – 1971

Paige Milner* (Western Ontario): Nursing in the British Military Before Florence Nightingale

Madison Roberson (Millikin): Curanderas, Colonization, and Callousness: The Evolving View of Mayan Medicine


Black Representation in Art and Culture

Lara Kuykendall, Chair & Comment

Brianna Cole (Ball State): The Black Body

Andrew Zimlich* (Notre Dame): Minstrel Shows and Mainstream Music: Examining Notre Dame’s Sonic Color Line during the Gilded Age


African American Struggles for Equality in History and Memory

Nicole Etcheson, Chair & Comment

Nathan Earle (Ball State): Black and Blue: Ruby Leota McCray and the Struggles of Black Women in Muncie’s Red-light District Adam Rosenthall (IU-Bloomington): “Not Asking the Question”: The First Black Players in Professional Football and Professional Basketball

Brooke Walter (Ball State): The Memory of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw


Poster Sessions:

A Brief Overview of Gender History in Muncie

Student History Club Members: Virginia Carter, Shelby King, and Kara Nahrwold


Orange County: Uncovering Indiana’s First All Black Settlement

Mesgana Waiss, Phillip Hatcher, and Allania Pickett


* The asterisk next to the presenters’ names indicates that they have opted to present in a virtual format.



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4:40 – 5:15

Music Lounge

Third Panel Session

Tactics of Subjugation in Historical Perspective

Scott Stephan, Chair & Comment

Phillip Shreve (Ball State), Land of the Indians: The Treaties of St. Marys and the Impact on the State

Nidhi Shekar* (Purdue) Deconstructing Democracy: A Comparative Analysis on Subjugation using the Melian Dialogue and the U.S. Constitution

Sierra Small (Ball State), The Battle of Culloden: A Tactical Tragedy


Beyond Black and White: Race, Ethnicity, and Power in 20th Century US History

Bruce Geelhoed, Chair & Comment

Brittany Murphy* (Augustana), Turning the World Stage into a Regional Stage: Jackson Park’s Japanese Garden and Midwestern Cultural Exchange

Zoe Olesker (Ball State), “White Apes”: How Irish-Catholics Became Human, White, and American

Nicholle Vandy (IU-Bloomington), Development of U.S. as a Global Power During Armenian Genocide



Indigenous Americans: Resistance, Survival and Agency

Dan Ingram, Chair & Comment

Jack Adams (Marian): Scattered by the Wabash: An Analysis of the Battle of Tippecanoe in Public Memory

Virginia Carter (Ball State): A Title as Proud as That of a King: Reframing Citizenship and Participation in the Civil War from the Indigenous Perspective

Grace Seifert (Miami): Winnie Jourdain: An Extraordinary Ordinary Woman




Reception and Awards Ceremony

Abel Alves, Max Felker-Kantor, and Jessica Reuther