Welcome, Opening Remarks, and Refreshments

8:30-8:50 Music Lounge

Sheryl Stump, Associate Dean, College of Sciences & Humanities

Abel Alves, Chairperson, Department of History

First Panel Session

Women & Gender in the U.S. Civil War

9:05-10:40 Cardinal Hall A

Scott Stephan, Chair & Comment

Darcy Robinson (Ball State): Womanhood in Transformation: Southern Female Spies during the Civil War and their Relationship with Gender

Tori Zeek (Ball State): The Gender of Opportunity: Why Women Enlisted in the Civil War


Sex, Alcohol, and Society: Gas Boom Muncie in Podcasts & Story Maps

9:05-10:40 Cardinal Hall B

Jennifer Mara DeSilva, Chair & Comment

Haleigh DeGrow (Ball State): Alcohol-Related Crime

John Williams & Christian Patino (Ball State): Saloons & Alcohol

Sophia Hoffert & Claire Enk (Ball State): The Sexy Side of the City: Prostitution and Social Reform

Ben Hettler & John Moynihan (Ball State): Black Migration & Irish Immigration to Muncie, 1870–1910

Poster Sessions

9:00-4:00 Terrace Lounge

1920s Indiana: A State of Organized Crime

Ball State History Club: Rose Winters, Joey O’Hara, Zoe Will, Genevieve McClure, Hannah Sako, Kara Nahrwold, Shelby King, & Virginia Carter

George Kennan’s Kamchatka Expedition

Kathleen Kilgore (Indiana University, Bloomington)

Keynote Address: “Helen Hamilton Gardener and the Secret History of How Women Got the Vote”

11:00-12:00 Student Center Ballroom

Dr. Kimberly Hamlin, Associate Professor of History & Global and Intercultural Studies, Miami University

Introduction by Melissa Gentry (Ball State University)

Lunch Break


History Master of Arts Program Informational Session

12:00-12:50 Cardinal Hall C

Daniel Ingram, Director of Graduate Studies

Second Panel Session

Expansion, Identity, & Inequality in Global Perspective

1:30-2:55 Cardinal Hall A

Jessica Reuther, Chair & Comment

Grace Rosenbaum (IU Bloomington): Protestant and Catholic Missionaries: Their Role in King Leopold II’s Congo Free State

Alessandra McLoughlin (Miami): Miami University: Higher Education, Expansionism, and Slavery on the Frontier

Ben Parnin (IU Bloomington): Athenian and Corinthian Colonial Relationships During the Peloponnesian War


Histories of Contemporary Controversies

1:30-2:55 Cardinal Hall B

James Connolly, Chair & Comment

Jaren Summers (Ball State): Being the Offspring of Heavenly Parents: Taking an Analytical Approach to the Historicity of the Mormon Theological Doctrine of Heavenly Mother

Jessica O’Brien (Loyola): Yeltsin, Populism, and the Russian Presidency

Graeme States (Anderson): A Comprehensive Study of Blackface: What it is and How it Affects Us Today


Taking It to the Streets: Meeting the Needs of the People – Ball State Public History Projects

1:30-2:55 Cardinal Hall C

Ronald Morris, Chair & Comment

Rachel Garland: Sons of the American Revolution Website

Maria Pizzo & Rachel Garland: Farm at Prophetstown Orientation Video

Caitlin Smith: Canal Society of Indiana Website and Newsletter & Putnam County Architectural History Phone Tours

Ben Wilson: Indiana Digital Civil Rights Museum

Molly Hollcroft: Whitewater Valley Industrial Sites

Third Panel Session

Native Americans in Actuality & Imagination

3:05-4:30 Cardinal Hall A

Daniel Ingram, Chair & Comment

Joseph Puckett (Miami): The Huestons of Butler County, Indian Removal, and Educational Privilege

Patrick Macy (Ball State): “The Fighting Indian”: A Brief History of Native Americans During the Great War

Paul Ross (Ball State): Native American Performers in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West


Challenging Norms & Shaping Culture

3:05-4:30 Cardinal Hall B

Emily Suzanne Johnson, Chair and Comment

Lauren Jacobs (Purdue): A Historical Analysis of Food Safety in America: The Turn of the Twentieth Century

Leah Samples (Penn): Fine Lines: Plastic Surgery in Mid-Twentieth Century America

Zoe LaBonte (Ball State): Transphobia and Trans Exclusion: The Harmful and Incorrect Exclusion of Transgender Contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race.


Ancient & Medieval Cosmologies

3:05-4:30 Cardinal Hall C

Abel Alves, Chair & Comment

Maxine Lightfoot (IU Bloomington): Human Sacrifice in Nordic Mythology

Caitlin Smith (Ball State): Depictions of Women in Medieval Folklore and Art

Reception and Awards Ceremony

4:40 – 5:15 Music Lounge

Abel Alves, Emily Suzanne Johnson, Jessica Reuther, Scott Stephan