Twenty-Seventh Annual Student History Conference
February 23, 2024
L.A. Pittenger Student Center

All conference events are free and open to the public.
This conference is organized by the Ball State Department of History with generous financial support from the Department of History, the Center for Middletown Studies, and the Honors College 

8:45-9:00 a.m.
Music Lounge

Welcome, Opening Remarks, and Refreshments

Kevin Smith, Associate Dean, College of Sciences and Humanities, & Bruce Geelhoed, Chair of History

First Panel Session

Cardinal Hall A

World War II and Its Aftermath
Bruce Geelhoed, Department of History, Chair & Comment

Mabel Gardner (Western University, Ontario), German and Free French Propaganda during World War II

Zachary Long (Ball State), The Phantom Fifth Column: A Historiography of the Japanese American Internment Decision

Ciera Boyes (Ball State), Nuclear Test Sites: The Decisions, Testing, and Aftermath that Made U.S. History

Cardinal Hall B

Public History Internship Showcase
Wendy Soltz, Department of History, Chair & Comment
Lars Arceneaux* (Ball State), Prairie Creek Reservoir/City of Muncie

Kathleen Donoho* (Ball State), Minnetrista Museum and Gardens

Zoe Olesker* (Ball State), Michigan Maritime Museum

Katrina Partlow (Ball State), Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Halle Pressler (Ball State), St. Joe County Public Library

Cardinal Hall C

Perspectives on the Automobile Industry: Media, Research, and Discussion

Ronald V. Morris, Department of History, Chair & Comment
Kenneth Deetz (Ball State)

Owen Norton* (Ball State)

Elijah Sturges* (Ball State)

Forum Room

New Approaches to the History of War and Society

Scott Stephan, Department of History, Chair & Comment

Hunter Clark (Ball State), Sherman’s Anxiety

Raymond Wyatt (Ball State), The War Mothers of Delaware County

Jalyn Henke (University of Southern Indiana), The Blood is on Their Hands: Acknowledging the Female Perpetrators of the Nazi Regime

Keynote Address
Student Center Ballroom

Dr. Max Fraser, Assistant Professor of History, University of Miami

Finding Traces of the Hillbilly Highway on the Road to Middletown
Introduced by Jim Connolly, Department of History


Lunch Break

Second Panel Session 

Cardinal Hall A

Gender and Criminality in the 20th Century

Carolyn Malone, Department of History, Chair & Comment

Kendall Brandeburg (Indiana University, Bloomington), The Progressive Era Response to Prostitution: The Conflicting Legacy of the Chicago Vice Commission
McKenna Love (University of Southern Indiana), Male Bonding and the Inconsistent Persecution of Homosexual Offenses in Nazi Organizations

Madison Bartoo (Ball State), The Game within the Sport: Tonya Harding and Social Class in Sports

Cardinal Hall B

Media and Representation

Emily Johnson, Department of History, Chair & Comment

Amelia Dorsey* (Ball State), Anarchist Portrayal after the Haymarket Affair

Katrina Partlow, (Ball State), Publishing, Producing, and Pioneering: The Representation of Latinx Women in Southwestern American Media from 1840 to 1920

Naomi St Andre* (Ball State), Girls, God, and Magazines: Exploring the Unique Evangelicalism of Brio Magazine

Cardinal Hall C

Responses to Diversity in American History
Max Felker-Kantor, Department of History, Chair & Comment
Zoe Olesker* (Ball State), Paddy in the Press: Thomas Nast’s Nativist Illustrations of the un-American Irish

Alexa Ramsey* (Ball State), Black Codes and Vagrancy Laws

Teagan Hayes* (Ball State), Ελληνική κουζίνα: Greek Diet within Greece versus in the Midwest United States

Third Panel Session 

Cardinal Hall A

Finding a Place at the Margins: The Exiled, Animals, and Emotions

Abel Alves, Department of History, Chair & Comment
Emily Loney* (Ball State), Making the Best of Whoredom: A Complicated Look into the Empowerment and Victimization of European Sex Workers during the Middle Ages

Lucas Wallen (Millikin University), The Comparison Between Women and Animals Is in the Best Faith in This One

Maggie Jones* (Ball State), These Unhappy Princes: An Analysis of the 1674 “Princes in the Tower” Urn in Relation to Charles II’s Restoration Emotional Regime

Will Turner* (Ball State), What Makes a Christian? Fitting God into the New World

Cardinal Hall B

Hoosier History
Melissa Gentry, Bracken Library Map Collections Supervisor, Chair & Comment
Kathleen Donoho* (Ball State), Hoosier Homespun: The Gender Division of Textile Production Labor in Early-19th Century Indiana
Sam Kidder (Ball State), The Indiana Sanitary Commission: Neglected from Hoosier History
Carole Stout and Alex Costello (Ball State), A Woman Dedicated to Bettering Her Community: Ella Woldridge
Zachary Broyles (University of Southern Indiana), Throughlines: Examining the Indiana Klan’s Influence on Contemporary Actions & History

Cardinal Hall C

American Popular Culture in the Cold War

Sergei Zhuk, Department of History, Chair & Comment

Lars Arceneaux* (Ball State), Printing the Legend: The Life and Legacy of John Wayne
Katie Turner
(Ball State), Trekking through the Cold War: Star Trek as a Manifestation of the Global Conflict
Payton Holland (Ball State), We Are the Empire: How the United States Refused to Heed the Warning of Star Wars


Music Lounge

Reception and Awards Ceremony
Bruce Geelhoed, Jessica Reuther, Scott Stephan, and Chris Thompson


* The asterisk next to the presenters’ names indicates that they are members of the Honors College at Ball State University.