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    BSUJW Course Guide!

    Still trying to figure out what BSUJW course you want to take this summer? We’ve got you covered! Below you will find course objectives and summaries for each BSUJW class being offered this summer. If you have any questions about a course, feel free to email or call our office at 765-285-8900.   THE […]

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    Tips for Online Interviews

    While applying for summer jobs or internships, you may be considering opportunities in other states. This means that it is likely that you will have to go through your interview process over an online platform if you are considered for the position. These platforms may be run through programs including Skype or Google Hangout. Here […]

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    BSUJW Semester Update!

    J-Day Registration is Open! Welcome to a new semester! Here at Ball State Journalism Workshops, we are busy, busy bees! Here are a few updates on what is happening here in Cardinal Country:   Journalism Day The 63rd Annual BSUJW Journalism Day on Friday, April 27, is fast approaching! Right now, we are finalizing the […]

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    October Monthly Contest Winners!

    Congratulations to our five October Monthly Contest Winners! Broadcast of the Month: “BDTV” Ben Davis High School, Indianapolis, IN Design of the Month: “A Spooky Sensation” Paoli High School, Paoli, IN Non-Text Storytelling Piece of the Month: “A Spooky Indiana” Ben Davis High School, Indianapolis, IN Photo of the Month: “All Wet” Ben Davis High […]

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    September Monthly Contests Winners!

    Congratulations to our three September Monthly Contest Winners! Online Package of the Month: “High School Nation” Ben Davis High School, Indianapolis, IN Broadcast of the Month: “Sept 23 broadcast” Ben Davis High School, Indianapolis, IN In-Depth Story Package of the Month: “Stopping teen violence” Ben Davis High School, Indianapolis, IN For more information on entering […]

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    After Workshops: Team Building

    “After Workshops” is a new BSUJW column that focuses on taking skills and themes from Summer Workshops and applying them to your school’s media staffs. Having a tight knit staff can help your publication run smoothly and will make working more enjoyable. An integral part of achieving this goal is to implement team-building measures for […]

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    How to rock an internship application

    As November approaches, so do many internship deadlines for the following spring and summer. Most internship applications ask you to have the same things: clips, letters of recommendation, a cover letter, a resume. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your application. WHEN SELECTING CLIPS… Don’t pick the “easy” ones that every […]

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