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Month: February 2017

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    Activating Girls’ Voices

    Research from a team at the University of Kansas reveals that female high school journalists are censored more often than their male counterparts. Censoring students in general is bad enough. How are they to learn to be responsible? Why infringe on their First Amendment rights if they are pursuing stories and reporting them truthfully? But […]

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    J-Day Jams: Contests are Open!

    J-Day contests open today, which means it’s time to start gathering your best work from the past year. For most categories (newspapers, online media, broadcast, photo), it means submitting work from the 2016-17 academic year. For yearbooks, it’s anything from the 2016 book. If you still have questions, here is the lowdown on BSU J-Day […]

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    Why you should support the New Voices campaign

    It’s time to cure Hazelwood. The freedom of press is important to students now more than ever. In an effort to combat the effects of the Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier decision, which restricted students’ First Amendment rights in school, states are trying to enact New Voices legislation. Indiana is among them. This year, the New Voices Campaign […]

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