To achieve our mission, the EPP will:

Prepare teacher candidates to thrive in digital learning environments

  •  We will prepare future teachers to provide equitable learning opportunities, while using technology, that support student success in all classrooms. This includes experience teaching in online or hybrid settings. 

Prepare teacher candidates to use technology to pursue ongoing professional learning

  • We will prepare future teachers to use technology for collaborative learning and professional growth. This includes participating in online communities of practice relevant to their teaching goals and aspirations. 

Prepare teacher candidates to apply frameworks to accelerate transformative digital learning

  •  We will prepare future teachers to create effective digital learning experiences using nationally recognized educational technology standards. This includes aligning coursework and clinical experiences to those frameworks. 

Equip all teacher educators to continuously improve expertise in technology for learning

  •  We will support all EPP faculty in modeling effective use of technology for instruction, to build confidence, and competence in future educators. This includes building capacity through faculty professional learning. 

Collaborate with school leaders to identify shared digital teaching competencies

  • We will partner with schools to establish a shared understanding of the teacher competencies required for effective, equitable use of technology for learning. This includes modeling exemplary approaches to technology use that are relevant to the vision, culture, and infrastructure of partner schools. 

Partner with diverse stakeholders

  • We will work with clinical practice partners and university supervisors to create opportunities for candidates to use technology with PK-12 students within practicum, student teaching placements, and in online or hybrid settings.  

Develop an innovative and collaborative learning space

  • We will develop a center that is dynamic and learner-centered, where candidates and faculty can explore, tinker, experiment, and practice technology integration for learning and teaching. The center will provide resources and professional development for faculty and candidates. 

Conduct research

  • Conduct ongoing research and disseminate results to affect innovative practices for technology integration and infusion in PK-12 schools as well as across EPP learning environments and courses.