Applying research to real design

Design projects put our research into action by applying design principles–learned through observations in the Health and Environmental Design Research Lab–to physical spaces. Projects vary from small to large consultations, space planning, lighting plans, material selections, and more!

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Some of our design projects

Carmel, Indiana

The Children’s TherAplay Institute in Carmel, Indiana utilizes hippotherapy, an innovative and life-changing rehabilitative treatment for children with special needs. Through physical and occupational therapy on horseback, children have improved coordination, balance and strength.

The Children’s TherAplay Institute design project, as part of the Studio 5 and Studio 6 Interior Design courses, will apply students’ interior design course knowledge to a real-world situation in an impactful way. Using evidence-based research gathered in the first phase, students will create design solutions that optimize available space, encourage play and safety, meet/exceed all building codes and regulations, provide a custom furniture solution for clinic therapy rooms, build and/or modify walls, and complete post-occupancy evaluations.