Julie Snider, a social studies teacher at Muncie Central High School, will take 100 seniors to the Indiana Statehouse in April to see the House and Senate chambers, Governor’s Office, and Supreme Court. Students also will meet with State Representative Sue Errington and State Senator Scott Alexander. “Civics is extremely important to me and a major theme in my government classes,” Julie says. “Many students do not know a world outside of Muncie. I want them to learn about new places and experience our government firsthand instead of just reading about it.” CREATE is funding transportation and related costs. Julie takes students to City Council meetings and has her Advanced Placement students draft and present a resolution. Students work at poll stations on Election Day and speak at School Board meetings. Julie teaches students to be engaged in their com-munity, working with the Muncie Sanitary District to plant trees on the levee near the school. She has taken seniors to Washington, D.C. for 13 years. “As a young per-son, the trip was really eye-opening for me to get to see a world outside of Muncie,” says Central graduate Elizabeth Longworth. “I loved experiencing the things I had been learning about in government class.” CREATE can provide funding to support civics- and history-related field trips and activities, including teachers’ planning time, travel, food, t-shirts, admissions, presenters, and supplies.