The SCLA is open to secondary MCS teachers and will run from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Thurs- day, from June 5-15. Sessions will be held at the Ball State University Student Center. Meals and resources are included. The SCLA is a paid professional development opportunity. All participating teachers will receive a $3,500 stipend and 32 Professional Growth Points.

Week 1, topics will include civics and history curricula for students as well as presentations on controversial topics in the classroom, civics across the content areas (science, math, music, etc.), and careers in public service. Tim Kalgreen from the Indiana Bar Foundation will introduce the We the People curriculum sup- plied by CREATE to all MCS schools. Friday is a free day for teachers to work independently on their own project ideas. Melissa Gentry, BSU Map Collections Supervisor, will present on using maps to illustrate a vari- ety of content topics and guide teachers in creating original maps for use in the classroom. Indiana University’s Dr. Stephanie Serriere, Professor of Social Studies Education, and Elizabeth Osborn, Director of Education at the Center on Representative Government, will engage teachers with a presentation and discussion on the Youth Voice to Action and necessary tools for engaging in civic action.

In Week 2, CREATE will welcome back author Holly Korbey, the keynote speaker at CREATE’s launch dinner in January, to discuss in greater detail project ideas from her book Building Better Citizens, including supplementing classroom learning with community engagement projects. Dr. John West, Chair of BSU’s Department of Urban Planning, will discuss the Peo- ple’s Planning Academy model that introduces laypeople to concepts and processes in urban planning and development as well as community engagement and working with local government. A panel session of local elected officials will discuss their inspir ations for public ser vice, the campaign process, and how they work in their offices to promote positive change. A highlight of Week 2 is giving selected MCS students the opportunity to attend and work with teachers to identify issues of local concern and brainstorm action plans for initiating positive change. These discussions are intended to inform future classroom activities.

The SCLA will conclude with a celebratory dinner for teachers, students, parents, and honored guests on Thursday, June 15, with recognitions presented to participating students.

MCS teachers can apply to participate in the SCLA by clicking HERE.