Drop Off / Pickup

All drop off and pickup of projects is handled by the staff person on duty during standard (or arranged) pickup times at the 3D Printer Lab (AB 005) or across the hall at the CNC Lab (AB 032).

CNC Milling Material Drop Off / Project Pickup

For smaller projects (those that can be moved by one person in one trip), materials can be dropped off in advance during standard hours and picked up after completion during standard hours (see below).

For larger projects (those that require more than one person or more than one trip to move), clients must be present during their scheduled mill time (see CNC Milling for details).

3D Print Project Pickup

You will be notified via email when your print is started (along with an estimated print completion time) and again when your print is completed or a problem is encountered.  You can pickup your completed projects at standard pickup times or at individually scheduled times (see below).

Standard Drop-Off / Pickup Times

During Spring Semester 2022, standard drop-off / pickup hours will be as follows:

Sunday: 7pm-8pm
Monday-Friday: 11am-12pm and 7pm-8pm

Note that staff person on duty will be located in 3D Printer Lab (AB 005) unless assisting another client with CNC mill project pickup.

Individual Drop-Off / Pickup Times

Individual pickup times may be requested for 3D prints once a print has been started and for other requests at the time the job is scheduled.

  • To schedule an individual pickup time for a 3D print, indicate your desire for a custom time on the request form and then  respond to the email notification you receive when your 3D print is started, which will contain an estimated completion time.
  • To schedule an individual pickup time for a CNC mill or waterjet project, respond to the email you receive when your job is scheduled.