Mold Making Resources

3D prints are often used to make molds that can be used to make numerous replications of the piece in plaster, concrete, resin or other materials.

Below are several videos that will help introduce you to the process of mold making. YouTube is full of videos like this. However when it comes to casting the mold, there are no videos found yet on casting a complicated mold in plaster (only in resin and cold-casting in metal). If you find a good tutorial video for casting a mold in plaster, please let us know about it at

Getting Started

As a good introduction to the mold making process, check out this video on making a simple, 2-part mold.

More Complicated Molding

This two-part video covers casting a complicated 3D printed model.
Part 1:

Part 2:

Plaster Mixing

If you are casting your mold in plaster, understanding how to mix the plaster to the right consistency is very important. Here’s a great introduction video to the “island method” of determining the best ratio of water to plaster.