CNC Milling

Please review our CNC milling guide below before making a mill request. If you are already familiar with the process and need to submit a request, jump to the form or scroll to the bottom of this page.

CNC Milling Guide (cover)


How to Mill at CAP

Step 1 Meet with D-Fab GA for remote file review. Request a Consultation Session.
Step 2 Submit a CNC Milling Request (jump to form below).
Step 3 Confirm scheduled time and drop off materials.
Step 4 Be present for the milling of your project (larger projects) or pick up completed product (smaller projects).  See below for details.



  1. When milling, you must meet with a staff member to discuss your milling project/geometry. Set up a Consultation Session by sending an email to to set up an individual appointment.
  2. Meet with a staff member (remotely) to review your 3D model and ensure that it is set up to mill properly. You may need to make some changes to the 3D model based on the feedback you receive.
  3. Your milling time will be assigned by the staff member that coordinates the scheduling. You will receive an email with the details of your scheduled mill time.  Respond to this email if there is a problem with the scheduled mill time.
  4. New COVID restriction: You will NOT be allowed inside the lab during the milling of your project; however, see procedure below for larger projects.
  5. For smaller projects (those that can be moved in their entirety by one person in one trip):
    1. Drop off materials during drop-off / pickup hours prior to your scheduled mill time.
    2. Pick up your completed project during drop-off / pickup hours after scheduled mill time.
  6. For larger projects (those that require more than one person or more than one trip to move):
    1. Show up at the scheduled mill time with your materials.
    2. Remain outside the lab or in the building (with access to cell phone) to receive completed project.

See the CNC Milling Policies and Procedures document for complete details.

Other Resources

Here are some helpful introductory materials related to CNC milling. These are all from other schools and shops, but they introduce important concepts that apply even though some details will vary.

CNC Milling Request Form

Your geometry/model must be reviewed by a Fab Lab employee before we can schedule your mill. Please set up a Consultation Session and work with a staff member to ensure your geometry is ready for printing.


Note that beginning Spring 2022 all CNC Milling Requests will be handled through the CAP Digital Fabrication Service Request form within the BSU Helpdesk system. Click the button above to open the form.